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Cripping Composition - Zine Publication

Women's Art Library, Special Collections, London UK

January 2017

Cripping Composition zine #1 was collaboratively created to both discuss and perform a critique of rigid academic practices ­ and attempts to ‘crip’ the normative composition standards. Drawing on academics and artists the hand­made zine presents the struggles of producing and presenting “feminist knowledge” through a mixture of graphic narrative, fictional accounts, sketches, collage and transcribed conversations. 

"Cripping Composition” articulates the simultaneity of, on the one hand, experiencing our bodies and minds as more and more disabled by the demands for productivity and ‘aesthetic’ conformity within the academy (composition crips us), and on the other hand, it expresses our attempt to counter this and develop a form to produce and curate feminist knowledge “on our terms,” (whereby cripping composition).

The zine is held within the Women’s Art Library with their archival collection of feminist art and DIY culture. Whilst the Goldsmiths Annual Fund has kindly supported the production of a small print run of 50 copies to both distribute within the Sociology department and wider audiences - reenacting Feminist zine herstory of swopping and sharing of work, of care and reciprocity in response to the meritocratic neoliberal University.

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