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Chloe Turner is a writer and researcher based in London, who works internationally.

Turner's writing on queer/trans futures can be found in The Geographical Journal Special Issue: 'Encountering Lauren Berlant,' Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture, Soapbox: Journal of Cultural Analysis and Metaphor as Metamorphosis Art Journal. In 2023 Turner will contribute articles to the following journal Special Issues: The Sociological Review ‘Live Methods Revisited', Australian Feminist Studies ‘Creating Feminist Futures, Research Methodologies for New Times,’ Media Theory ‘Lauren Berlant and Media Studies’ and will be in conversation with artist & archivist Francis Whorrall-Campbell in MAI Journal: Feminism and Visual Culture ‘Gendered Death.'

Bridging theory and culture, Turner has previously been in conversation with queer and trans artists including writer D Mortimer as part of program 'Where Life Begins' (2021) at Neumarkt Theatre, Zurich; photographer Lydia Garnett as the exhibition text for her show ‘Close Shave’ (2022) at Toppins Studio, London and Dr Althea Greenan curator of the Womens Art Library, London in the ‘Being, Making, Becoming’ (2022) project collaboration between Art360 Foundation, London and Hauzer & Wirth, New York. 

Writing and Conversations

Turner, C. (in progress for 2024) 'Returning to the Future: The Politics of the Untimely' Special Issue: Creating Feminist Future, Methodologies for New Time, Australian Feminist Studies.

Turner, C & Whorrall-Campbell F. (in progress for 2024) 'Killing Time: Transgender Death in the Digital Archives, a conversation between Chloe Turner and Francis Whorrall-Campbell' Special Issue: Gendered Death in Visual Culture, MAI: Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture.

Coleman, R. & Turner, C. (in progess for 2023) 'Genre Trouble' (tbc), Special Issue: Lauren Berlant and Media Studies, Media Theory

Coleman. R, Lyons, D & Turner, C. (in progress for 2023) 'Present Feelings, Feeling Presents: Liveness in Research on Time and Feeling during the Covid19 pandemic' Special Issue: Live Methods Revisited, The Sociological Review 

Anderson,B; Turner, C. et al (2023) 'Feel Tanks' Encountering Berlant: Concepts Otherwise, The Geographical Journal, 0(0), p.1-26.

Turner, C. (2022)  Leaking Across Time: Icy Lake and Kevin Aviance, Sonic Scope: New Approaches to Audiovisual Culture

'Being, Making, Becoming: Women's Art Archives as Sites of Activation' (2022) Dr Althea Greenan in conversation with Chloe Turner and Lauren Craig, organised by Art360 Foundation and Hauser & Wirth Institute as part of the Extended Network Network at Flat Time House.

'Yes to the Work! The Women's Art Library' (United Kingdom, 2022, 30') Director: Holly Antrum. The film is framed by the voice and presence of Dr Althea Greenan, and features conversations with many WAL researchers across generations including: Felicity Allen, Sarah Carne, Claire Collison, Lauren Craig, Galit Criden, Clare Gasson, Catherine Grant, Rita Keegan, Gina Nembhard, Symrath Patti, Nirmal Puwar, Gaytri Roopnarine and Chloe Turner.

'Lydia Garnett in  conversation with Chloe Turner about Close Shave, an exhibition paying homage to Dyke,Butch and Transmasc haircuts, style and expression,' Close Shave (2022) [Exhibition text] Toppins Studio, London. 20 October - 17 November 2023.

Turner, C. (2021) 'Last Night A DJ Saved my Life' Metaphor as Metamorphosis: Art Journal, Issue 1: Summer

Turner, C. (2021) 'Remixing as Reincarnation: Contagious trans*reproduction in the work of boychild,' Soapbox: Journal of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam

Turner, C. & Mortimer, D. (2021) 'Pregnant Dancefloors and TransBirthings: A Conversation with Chloe Turner and D Mortimer.' Part of 'Stretch Marks' by The Agency, prelude to 'Where Life Begins' (2021) at Neumarkt Theatre, Zurich, Switzerland.

Blackman, L. Gunaratnam Y. & Turner, C. (2018) 'Cultures of Consent: Examining the Complexity of Power and Sexual Misconduct,' Centre for Feminist Research Research Blog, Goldsmiths University of London 

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