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'Feel Tank as Method: Why We Can't Wait Any Longer' fully Open-Access citation list:


Sondra Perry Typhoon Coming On (2018)


T Fleischmann "Clutch's Hormones and Benjy's HIV Meds on a Mirror” (2015)

T Fleischmann ‘Time it the Thing the Body Moves Through’

Except from the book and artwork


Khairani Barokka 'AntiVertical Normative' (2017)



Dean Spade, Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During the Crisis

Zoom Video Recording with closed captions (CC) and ASL.


Saidiya Hartman, The Plot of our Undoing

Downloadable Essay


Walidah Imarisha, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarinsha, Adrienne Maree Brown and Mia Mingus, ‘The Fictions and Futures of Transformative Justice’

Free access article


Jackie Wang Interrupt V

Lecture Video with CC


Lauren Berlant, Why Chasing the Good Life is Holding Us Back

Podcast & Transcription


Lauren Berlant Public Feelings Salon

Conference Video


Avery Gordon cited in ‘On Heritage and Hauntology’ by Colin Sterling

Free Access Article


Sondra Perry cited in ‘A Drift in the Chroma Key Blues: A chat with Sondra Perry on Black Radicality + Things that are yet to happen in Typhoon coming on’ by Tamar Clarke-Brown

Free access article


Saidiya Hartman ‘Afterlife of Slavery’

Interview with the New York Times


Christina Sharpe ‘The Weather’

Free access excerpt from The Wake: On Blackness and Being


Rebecca Schneider Keynote at P/Re/Enact! - Performing in Between Time

Video recording of the lecture

Chloe Turner ‘Remixing as Reincarnation: Contagious Trans*birthing in the work of boychild’

Free access article


Tourmaline preface to Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell

Audio recording, read by The Right Lube

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