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Pregnant Dancefloors and Trans Birthings: a conversation with Chloe Turner and D Mortimer

Stretch Marks project The Agency (Munich) 

Prelude to 'Where Life Begins' (2021) at Neumarkt Theatre, Zurich

23 April 2021

"In the wake of what happened throughout the past year/-s and this one so far in almost all corners of the world in terms of open everyday violence and murders, increasing political violence and restriction through legislation, deprivation from access to crucial and appropriate health care to only name a few things, there is no way we can talk about reproduction, social reproduction, family models or mothering ourselves and each other without attending to trans perspectives who have been on the frontlines of Reproductive Justice movements from the very beginning.

This conversation might seem rough and patchy at times - this kind of reflects how there is no rationalized or linear approach to engage with trans experience and narratives. The personal nature of this talk also means that it tends to hit close to home. In caring and protecting for and with each other, some chosen cuts in the video keep viewers from turning from invited witness into intruder. Chloe Turner and D Mortimer chose to share explicitly those references they make as links, which come from BIPOC creators. "

We invite you to join the conversation with D reading from Jose Esteban Munoz’ writing on punk in Chapter 2 - Feeling Brown: Ethnicity and Affect in Ricardo Bracho’s The Sweetest Hangover (and other STDs) from The Sense of Brown, José Esteban Muñoz, Duke University Press, (2020).


Full video:

This piece was created with D Mortimer:

D Mortimer is a writer from London. Their work has been published in Granta Magazine, The Guardian, DIVA and Vice. LAST NIGHT A BEEF JERK SAVED MY LIFE, a collection of hybrid prose is slated for publication with Pilot Press in Spring 2021. They are currently reading for a PhD in Creative Writing on the role of intimate naming in trans subject formation.


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Stretch Marks is a space to share our thoughts and experiences around practices of mothering, abortion,

motherhood and surrogacy in the bloody, messy field of reproductive work. 🍼⛲️💊
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