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Trans* Exhaustion: A Monstrous Reclamation

Occupying the In-Between

M-A-R-S (Mountain of Art Research) Conference 

Goldsmiths College, UoL,

29th May 2020


'Our prison turns to rain in their hands'

Homie, Danez Smith (remixed pronouns)

The recent pivot on hormone therapy from an ‘irrevisible decision’ to potential COVID treatment for cisgender patients (New York Times 27/04/2020) acts as an example of the battle fatigue and complex social death of trans* individuals who navigate biopolitical governance which is no longer ‘to foster life or disallow it’ but ‘to foster life by disallowing it’ (de Giorgi, 2006). I propose a boychild video performance and short critical reflection on a ‘public feeling’ approach to reclaim the battle fatigue of ‘trans* exhaustion’

For if we are taught by our faggot foremothers and forefathers that in times of scarcity and need, to respond in abundance, boychild's performance reclaims exhaustion on a dance floor to conceive a liveable trans* world.


How can we think about the layered remixing of gender, genre and performative intervention as a antidote to trans*gender exhaustion and an alternative world (un/re)making going forward?

Occupying the InBetween Conference website :

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