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Trans* temporal rebellion on queer dancefloors

Revisions: Confronting the Past, Re-imagining the Future 

University of Warwick

1st July 2020

Through the complexity of ‘trans*’ as a multi-directional, cross spatial structure (Halberstam 2019), blurring distinctions between past and present (Blackman 2019) and acting beyond a foil to cisgender norms (TSQ, November 2018) - how can we understand these practices as a form of remixed embodiment, scrambling linearity and signalling viral ways of bringing into being both previous and future trans* narratives.

Using critical-creative approaches to the archive, insurgent trans* studies, and crip theory this paper links the performance art of boychild and remixing to future orientated nightclub performance practice and the utopian longing of a 'not yet here' trans* world.

Conference paper as part of virtual conference 'Revision: Confronting the Past, Reimagining the Future,' TaPRA-SCUDD Postgraduate symposium, University of Warwick

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