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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Metaphor as Metamorphosis: Art Journal, Issue 1 (Summer)

August 2021

*Language is a weird material crying to be punched. Metaphors are molecular structures chiseled by tongues and woven into tracts. How does the fabric of metamorphic language clothe our lives? How is metaphor’s equivocal formation used to stimulate and deaden and in what ways is metaphor used to maintain the status quo and transform social discourse?

Metaphor as Metamorphosis is a journal of new writing on metaphor. The journal seeks to challenge the variety of ways metaphor functions, to unravel conventions, trouble norms and generate new understandings of what metaphor might do or say.

Edited and published by D Mortimer and Keira Greene.

With contributions by Aisha MirzaChloe Turner, Clare Daly, D MortimerElena GučasK MacBrideKay Gabriel, Keira Greene, Laura Jane Lee, Lisa Robertson, Paul Hughes, and Syma Tariq.

Copyedited by Josie Mitchell and designed by Robert Milne.

Produced with support from Techne.

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